Together we can turn change into success

Frontit is a strategic partner for change

Successful change is about achieving the desired effects and ensuring that they become lasting. Turning resistance into commitment and getting people on board is the key to success.

We are experts at driving change and running complex projects

We help you set the direction and we know what needs to be done to achieve lasting results

We ensure that people feel good, participate, and stay involved in the process.

We have solid experience of change management with a strong commitment to our work.

Grow together with us

Frontit is a workplace with a big heart. We are a tight team and have fun at work. 

At Frontit we do everything in our power to create a safe environment where everyone can be themselves, where we share our knowledge, and where there are opportunities to control one’s own progress and career. 

We are always looking for new colleagues who want to be part of our experienced team.

vår vision

Change where people want, can and dare

Change is a prerequisite for renewal, development, and growth. But associated with every change is a degree of uncertainty that our brain is programmed to resist. Turning resistance into commitment and getting people on board is the key to success.

That is exactly what we at Frontit are passionate about.

Our offer

Agile transformation and SAFe©

Become adaptable in a fast-moving world. We help you introduce agile governance and agile methods that strengthen your competitiveness.


Get the people on board with digitalisation. We help you succeed with your digital transformation, from idea to implementation.

Project office and portfolio management

Implement your most valuable projects in the best way possible. We help you develop and implement a functioning project office and portfolio management.

Strategy and governance

Create a common direction that provides power and energy. We coach you throughout the strategy process, from goal setting to control and operational anchoring.

Change management

People are key to a functioning change process. We make sure that you achieve lasting results by getting everyone on board with change.

Project management

Secure the results of your projects. We run complex projects professionally and strengthen your project ability so that you achieve the desired results.

Requirements, tests and quality

Set the right requirements from the beginning for better quality and profitability. We help you succeed with the strategic and operational requirements and quality testing.

The new workplace

Create a digital workplace that increases business benefits. We lead the conversion of your workplace so that it supports your business today and in the future.

Innovation management

Create a climate that raises your ability to innovate. We help you develop the culture, leadership, employee engagement and working methods.

Leadership and effective teams

Strengthen your ability to perform and feel good in times of change. Our experienced consultants help you develop as a team and a leader.

Organisational- and process development

Build an organisation and processes that yield results. We help you create an organisation and efficient processes that take you where you want to go.


Protect your information assets and sensitive data. We raise the level of knowledge and strengthen your ability in information- and cyber security.