Frontit – your company’s partner in change

Frontit offers consulting services in management, project and program management, and training. We employ some of Sweden’s most experienced consultants. We are over 100 employees in Stockholm, Sundsvall, Västerås, Norrköping and Malmö. Among our personnel are also business developers, demand managers, test leaders and scrum masters.

We can help you develop your business and implement strategies. We can assist in strengthening the capability of your program office. We can manage projects and provide mentor support. We listen carefully and base our consultancy on your specific needs.

We are open-minded to your business requirements, because you know your business conditions best. What we can do is to contribute with new perspectives. Together, we decide what solutions will benefit your business the most.

We focus on creating tangible results. Projects are generally managed towards meeting project objectives. We believe that true success comes from reaching measurable effects in your operations. Results must be durable and measurable through e.g. increased profitability or faster processes.

We specialize in complex or business-critical projects. Such projects require experienced leadership and the ability to identify potential risk as well as ways forward.

We pay attention to each individual’s potential. Our policy is to develop people and businesses to their full potential. This will help your organization to consistently run projects more successful.

We offer a unique training program, focusing specifically on improving leadership. You will be trained by our own skilled consultants, which ensures that they are always up to date when it comes to methods. We seek to constantly change and improve ourselves.

ikon-versamhets_processutvecklingManagement Consulting

Frontit’s management consultants can help you to realize strategies and plans. We help you organize your projects and implement your strategy. In short, we help you succeed in your work of change and development.

You know your business best. Most companies have a solid strategy and a good understanding of the problems at hand. Implementing change is more difficult, as everday life often comes in the way of long-term strategies. A classic conflict of “urgent in the short term” versus “important in the long term”.

Frontit can offer you senior management consultants who have extensive experience from working with companies and organizations, and who combine great theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Their combined set of competencies allows them to adopt the set of tools that will best meet your specific needs.

We help to gain control of your project work, carry out the right projects at the right time, manage project risk and save failed projects. We seek to develop each employee as well as your organization, and involve your people in the process.

Our aim is to create durable results for your company. After finishing a project, the result and your improved competence level remain in your organization. We help to improve your company’s ability to successfully manage change and development and to achieve tangible and lasting results.

ikon-projektledningProject Management

Frontit can help you to succeed with your project work and to develop your business. Our focus is on developing each individual, your employees, to their full potential.

Frontit stands for leadership. Since our foundation in 1969, we have attracted Sweden’s most experienced consultants in project management. Besides project and program managers, we offer consultants in other leading project roles – demand leaders, test leaders and scrum masters. The projects we are involved in are often complex or business critical, demanding excellent leadership skills. We do, however, take on any type of project.

Frontit does not apply a specific method. While methods provide structure and the necessary tools, they should be used with care. Our extensive insights into different approaches allows us to cherry-pick from different methodologies. Meeting projects objectives is only half the job. To us, a successful project is one that adds true to your business. We have a passion to create tangible results in our customers’ businesses.

We have a long tradtion of sharing our experiences internally as well as to our customers in the form of mentorship and leadership. Our mission is to develop each individual to their full potential. In our courses and seminars, we invite our customers to take part in a continuous dialog around new methods and theories. We are an agile company, working continuously to improve ourselves in every possible way.

We pride ourselves in being an independent partner to our customers. This allows us to avoid pitfalls and find alternative ways forward, and to adapt and cherry-pick the best from different methods and schools.


Our training personnel are experienced leaders, who work in client projects themselves. As such, they are well placed to relate to your everyday challenges. The aim of our training is to prepare you for your next career move!

Frontit has trained more than 35,000 people since its foundation in 1969. This makes us one of Sweden’s most experienced training partners. We offer courses in e.g. project leadership, project management, agile methods and business intelligence. We offer open as well as company-specific courses. Our courses are comprehensive and offer you a theoretical basis for IPMA certification.

We focus on your personal development. We will find out where you stand today and where you want to go in your development. Our aim is that you should be able to take the next step in your career after being trained at Frontit. Our courses are based on your reality and your actual work situation. We will identify your challenges, whether it’s about addressing a general issue or solving a practical problem in a project.

Our teachers are experienced consultants themselves who are involved in client projects on an ongoing basis. They are well aware of the challenges that you may encounter in your everyday life. They also have good educational skills and will combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, adopt the right mix of learning methods, and adapt your training to your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Continuous learning is a natural part of today’s business life. Many of our customers have established long-term relationships with us as their recurring training partner. At Frontit, you have a partner with a passion for your personal development, regardless what future you would like to shape.

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